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How To Get Your Emails Opened, Read, & Making You Money!

I want to talk to you about a topic that’s near and dear to my heart—

Email Marketing.

It’s hands-down the fastest way to sustainable profitability, when you know what you’re doing.

Now, some people are claiming that email marketing is dead.

But I don’t think so.

Sure Facebook, YouTube, Messenger, and all that sounds sexy…

But try opening an account on any social media network without a valid email account.

Or making an online purchase.

Think about it: can you actually buy anything and receive a confirmation to anything other than an email address?

The answer is no.

Email has been around for a long time and it’s here to stay

Thinking it’s going to just disappear because of social media is like saying that you won’t get any more physical mail in your mailbox because of the Internet.

That’s ridiculous.

So if you’re serious about building your network marketing business online, you absolutely must incorporate email marketing into your sales process.

In my humble opinion, it's the “glue” that holds everything together.

Thus the saying…

“The money is in the list.”

Today we’re going to talk about what to do with you list once you start building it.

Some of the questions that we’re going to tackle right now are these:

  • Do you provide lots of content or hard sell in your emails?
  • How often should you email your list?
  • What should your emails be about?

Let’s get started…

Do You Provide Lots Valuable Content or “Hard Sell” in Your Emails?

Here’s my take on this…

Your prospects are overwhelmed with information.

They are also inundated with offers promising them the next big thing.

So how do you get and keep their attention?

Entertain them.

That’s one of the big secrets to success with email marketing: make your advertising interesting.

Let’s not kid ourselves.

The purpose of your emails is to make money. You are in business to make profits, right?

But unless you can engage your prospects in a conversation, you have very little chance of selling anything other than to people who are ready at that moment to buy exactly what you’re offering. That’s a tiny fraction of your list.

Selling blatantly in your emails alienates a lot of potential buyers – but it also leaves gobs of money on the table.

Think about it…

Why do you watch TV or YouTube videos, read books or magazines, go to the movies, theater, or sports events, hop on Facebook, or whatever you do to chill or give yourself a mental break?

Your do it for entertainment.

We all have a desperate need to be entertained.

You can call it the “Achilles’ Heel” of the mind (heard that from persuasion master Blair Warren.)

Your mind is always looking for ways to latch on to something.

That is why our ears perk up when we hear some “shocking” or “bizarre” news, or some “secret” you’re not supposed to know.

(Think tabloid magazines at the checkout counter.)

Here are a couple of headlines from a recent issue of National Enquirer…

  • Inside Michelle’s White House of Horrors! (with picture of angry Obamas and the White House)
  • Brad Pitt Caught in a Scandal!

If you weren’t thinking of it before, you do now, and you want to know.

And if you think for a second (no I don’t), I GUARANTEE YOU that your prospects do. It’s human nature. It’s also the reason why tabloids occupy prime real estate in any grocery store – the checkout counter — and are some of the most-read publications.

I’m not even going to talk about Cosmopolitan here. You can go and look up those headlines on your own and see why they’re so “enticing.”

So, how does all this tie into email marketing?


Your emails need to compel your prospects to want to read them

You do it by using the same tactics that make tabloid magazines so compelling, specifically shocking, bizarre, curiosity-provoking subject lines that make your email almost impossible to ignore.

Building your network marketing business through email entails more than just blasting your list and hoping somebody takes enough interest to click on your messages.

Here are a few of our recent ones that got pretty good open rates.

  • My secret fantasy…
  • Shameless crooks…
  • Foreplay your customers crave…
  • Computers and greasy hamburgers…
  • The big traffic lie…

These headlines are short, punchy, and reveal almost nothing about the content of the email.

They “hook” the reader, making your mind wonder about the story – kind of like opening a loop that you have to close. (That’s playing on curiosity)

And inside the email, you tell a story that’s related to your product.

This makes for an interesting read, and you’re satisfying your prospects’ deep craving to be entertained while presenting your product, service, an affiliate promotion, or a business opportunity.

People dig this much more than just plain “pitching.”

Of course there is a time when you just send a pure sales email – when there’s a special sale or discount. Or the end of a promo. Or 30 minutes before your webinar starts.

But those are few and far between.

So if all you do is “pitch” in your emails, it won’t be long before your list stops reading them. They’ll know it’s just another pitch coming their way. Nothing interesting.

Frankly, I’m shocked at the number of marketers who still send pitchy emails. They’re like “used car salesman” beating their readers over the head with loud and obnoxious sales talk.

Don’t be like them. Not if you want to have a good relationship with your list.

What Should Your Emails Be About?

The good news is there are no hard rules when it comes to email marketing.

It’s kind of like the news. It can be about anything – anything at all.

Now of course when you know your market, and you know what’s on their mind, what they’re thinking about, reading, watching, who they are listening to…it becomes a lot easier.

You can choose any of those and tap into an existing conversation in their head, like…

  • Some hot news topic.
  • A story circulating around the web.
  • Gossip in the industry.
  • A movie, a book or some sports event.
  • A holiday.

Anything goes. There’s no right or wrong here, as long as you keep it interesting and make a smooth connection to your offer. 

How Often Should You Email?

This is an easy one. There’s a saying in our business:

“You should only send emails on days that you want to make money.”

Again there’s no hard rule on this. Just keep in mind that unless your prospects hear from you, they’re not thinking of you or your products.

So if you want your product, service, or whatever you’re selling to be on their mind… you need to remind them about it – OFTEN.

Should you email every day? Sure, why not? You should definitely do it more than once a week.

Some people will read your emails daily, others won’t. As long as you’re there, in their Inbox, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting your emails opened and read.

And most important of all… you’ll make sales and lots of profits!

So now that you know how to market to your list, it's time to grow your audience!

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Michael Haase