From the Desk of Michael Haase, CEO
Updated: 2/4/2021

My Name is Michael Haase, and I am a coach in the network marketing space. Many network marketers call me "The Digital Recruiter". Over the last 5 years, I have been helping network marketers build their downline using a savvy approach to social media marketing that few in the network marketing world have access to.
So...why do I do what I do?

Despite my popularity, I am a lot like you. It was only through some unique experiences that I became an authority in this field. I started my network marketing challenge like most of us probably do. My upline told me that the product sells itself and I just need to share the information with all my family members and friends.
My life totally changed for the better when an 'ah-ha' moment happened to me. It was during a free video training about recruiting on social media. In this training, I discovered, that it is possible to recruit without prospecting and earn money in the process even if my prospect says "No" by building an automated recruiting system that takes care of all the heavy lifting. I was immediately on fire, started learning more about it, implemented the system, and tested it.

These trials and ah-ha moments led me to a wonderful discovery: I discovered, that it is possible to target exactly those people on social media platforms, that are perfect candidates for my team. And I also realized that it is possible to have these potential team members reach out to me, to apply for my downline. But the best of it, all of that happens rejection-free, with minimum effort and work 24 hours for me, day and night.

I understand that having a social media marketing plan that lets you constantly generate hot leads in an automated fashion and recruit these leads in a predictable manner is paramount to your success. I understand this challenge very well, and I pledge to help you build your automated recruiting system, do it without hardly trying, and succeed with greater ease.

And today, I want to help you get started for FRE.

I'd like you to go through my Quiz "What's Your #1 Social Media Recruiting Mistake" and get a FREE report from me, what I think, based on your answers, what your # 1 Social Media Recruiting Mistake is and how you can fix it immediately. 

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Michael Haase, CEO
Digital NetMarketer